The (real) Day 1 of training for the Half-Marathon

I had to edit the earlier post about my “Day 1” of training. Most of the summer consisted of me running long distance and prepping for a Half. It’s been a great routine..and one that keeps me hangry sometimes! I feel healthier because I also began to eat more healthy, no sugar, (almost) no carbs, and lots of fruits, veggies and yogurt, yum. My body loves me more and I think I look great (not to toot my own horn!)

So officially, my Day 1 of training began August 30th and my training takes me all the way through mid November right before Thanksgiving. Which is great because I plan to do a week at home in Texas with family. Of course, as a warm-up, I’m running the Mermaid Run 10K up in San Francisco in early November with my sister’s close friend. That will be a lot of fun. I want to dress up in mermaid colored tutu’s for the race because really, how else can you run a race in San Francisco??

So the real run is a Half-Marathon in December, December 4th to be exact, in Santa Monica. It’s the first long race I’ll do. I’ve also stuck to a strict schedule of running, thanks to my best friend’s advice on downloading a schedule for beginners. (Hey, Fanny!) Plus I eat some healthy snacks before a run if I can’t do a quick dinner.

Let’s see how this goes.

(More updates on future travel plans this year coming your way).

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