Day 1

I decided to run a 10K this month (only six miles, guys, everybody calm down). I want to see how much I can push my body after hitting 30. (Do I sound old? I don’t feel it much except when I’m surrounded by much younger co-workers). And I want to get back to running like “a gazelle” as one coworker once told me. But, back then I was running six miles a week and it felt amazing.

So here I am, right back at it.

Tonight was Day 1 of training with motivation provided by my friend Abbie. I hadn’t run properly in about three months. Usually, I run with another friend, Karen, every Sunday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena but that’s on the weekends. And it’d been three months since I’d run in any direction. We ran the whole two mile loop around the Silverlake Reservoir – and it felt so invigorating! We came up with a checklist on what else I need to get for this race:

  • headphones that won’t slip out of my ears (making a playlist as I type this post)
  • running shoes
  • a pack of blocks, or gummy energy bursts

Abbie is already a pro and did a half marathon recently – and wrote about how she ran TO food at the end of the trainings. I figure – I like food, I like L.A., Abbie and I are friends after meeting in Jordan in 2009, and I like history so why can’t I try it for a much smaller race? We’re not sure where we are running to next Monday (April 18), but it’ll be 3 miles to some type of deliciousness.

I can always do tacos.


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